In the silver night
In the blinking of an amber light
I see you painting there in black and white
You’re whistlin’ down a gilded street
Blonde listenin’ to the heart beat
In the mercury risin’ heat

When we were made of gold

Just a spark on a pile of straw
A thin rebuke from a dozen laws
Gold gleamin’ in mirrored awe
You were stolen when you were foil’d
You were yellow so to the hill recoil’d
In the crimson fire the gold leaf broiled

When we were born again


Frozen night breakin’ cherry sticks in two
Bruised you into the black and the blue
Against the sundown’s swollen orange hue
Blue flames flickerin’ the starry sky
To be executed like a samurai
For ignitin’ a blaze too high 

When we were made of gold

A gabled thatch with a Phoenix cap
Emergin’ back from an ashened trap
Thronged by crowds with camera zap
A novice scorched with pain
The burnt Pavilion quenched in rain
He painted you again and again

When we were born again


On a wintry twenty-four
You charcoal’d the golden lore
With a fire blazin’ like a lion’s roar
A finger bleedin’ as you fled
To the piney hills to view the red
You rock’n roll’d ‘n lit a cigarette

When we were made of gold


New lyrics by LB – Original tune by BD “Born in Time” from the album “Under a Red Sky” 

Paintings by kind permission of Daniel Kelly

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