Malmesbury Abbey

The history of aviation does not begin with the Wright brothers' flight in 1903 but in 1010 with Elmer, a Benedictine monk of Malmesbury Abbey who made a short flight from the tower of the Abbey, using wings he had made himself, strapped on to his arms. He flew for a distance of a furlong before crash landing and breaking both his arms and legs.

Scots Farm is delighted to be joining the 2016 Flying Monk Arts' Trail.

Anagama wood-fired pots by LBDameon Lynn and guest ceramic artists from Spain will be exhibited in the barn together with Pinkney painter Arabella Perry. A menagerie of animal sculptures stone and bronze by local friends Sam Flintham and Alison Murray-Wells will be also be exhibited.

The pots exhibited are from the first and the recent second firing of Go-Go-Gama. Anagama fired pots intend to express the beauty of natural ash glazes from a six day kiln firing. Arabella's paintings are abstract and figurative with a particular focus on the beauty and texture of wood and bark. 

A demonstration of deconstructed vessels made on a throwing wheel will be given by Dameon Lynn . Guests can also visit the kiln site to see one of the U.K.'s only genuine anagama kilns, Go-Go-Gama. 

We hope that you can have a chance to see this annual weekend event of artists' open studios. The trail showcases the creative abilities of people who live within 8 miles of the historic town of Malmesbury. Sixteen locations in the area will be open during the weekend, hope you visit us.

THE FLYING MONK ARTS' TRAIL is from 24th to 25th September 



For further details and a map please visit the Flying Monk website 


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