Kakurezaki Ryuichi is one of my favourite ceramic artists. He makes ceramics that are instantly recognisable as his and also as Bizen,  yet he is different from everyone before him. He is a modernist, an innovator,  an avant-gardist. I take great delight in his creations. Last autumn  I was lucky enough to acquire a guinomi of his via a friend in Kyoto. In fact, the friend was Robert Yellin who is one of the top Japanese pottery dealers in the world. To my great delight, I heard of Kakurezaki’s exhibition in Tokyo early this year and managed to go to see it with Robert. The gallery in Tokyo leads one down a spiral staircase to the exhibition hall, once in the subterranean gallery I wandered around the sculptural forms and admired fantastic flower vases and  other  creations. Luckily Kakurezaki sensei was there that day giving a talk and I could meet him. It was a thrill to see his avant-garde creations all in one room, a truly inspirational day.

( for more about Kakurezaki – see:  e-yakimono.net  and the Japan Times review by RY )







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