TYGER, TYGER  〜南禅寺 "Gunko-zu" - ”Tiger fusuma at Nanzen-ji


Met my love by the aqueduct
The tiger’s room was of old gold
A dream painted on the sliding doors
Where I kissed a girl by the aqueduct

Drifting clouds through the hazy moon
The mountains dry and sea so raked
Cats a prowlin’ in the street and my heart began to beat
With what dread hand and with what dread feet

Burning bright in the forests of the night
In what skies burnt the tiger’s eyes?
And what hand could dare seize that fire?
The tiger’s eye the tiger’s fire

Sitting still o’er the sands and stones
The tigress and her cubs so dear
Don’t shed no tear ‘cos the tiger’s here the tiger’s here
And one by one he’ll take you there and one by one he’ll take you there

 (Lyrics by LB, “Dirty Old Town”, tune written by Ewan McColl, popularised by The Dubliners)

“Tiger cubs crossing” zen garden at Nanzen-ji 南禅寺


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